Program Development Services

Incident reports are individually reviewed for frequency and severity trends to obtain a broad illustration of occurrence scenarios. Claims activity is likewise reviewed for frequency and severity, noting that the comprehensive risk management software employed by Knak & Company is capable of complex trend analysis.

Prevention measures are developed once a trend is recognized. Relevant materials are assembled and promptly issued to members for remedial measures. Meetings are arranged with involved personnel to discuss the rationale behind the recommended change.

Members also receive training toward the proper use of incident / accident reports, as well as the use of and response to claim forms.

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Claims Management and Adjustment Services

The claims administrator personally reviews each claim the day it is received at Knak & Company. A claim is opened both as a computer file and paper file. The facts of the loss are developed to weigh coverage, liability and damage issues. Reserves are input and an individual work plan is assigned to each file. Communication channels are established via telephone, e-mail, fax or mailed correspondence. Members receive handling instructions, including user-friendly rationale, to expedite the claim process.

Claims involving excess or specialized coverage reporting criteria are expeditiously submitted to the proper company for consideration. Reserves set by the excess carrier are monitored to ensure accuracy.

Historically, the majority of all liability investigative work product is completed by Knak & Company. Therefore, outside adjustment expense is kept to a minimum, typically pertaining to auto appraisals and larger property losses.

If liability issues are present, claims are evaluated and settled in a timely manner, noting that NCSIG independent auditor Nick Cali found that “Mr. Knak demonstrates a keen sense of urgency in regard to investigation, disposition of adverse liability claims...” Further, the auditor commented that “the vast majority of settlements to be in the low to middle range.” He added, “Severity control by Mr. Knak is excellent.”

Claim payments are promptly issued on an “as needed” basis, not by a batch system that creates unnecessary delay. Reserves and payment totals are checked for accuracy each time a payment is applied to the claim file. The auditor wrote, “Reserving philosophy and practice by Mr. Knak are excellent.” He added, “It is very encouraging to see appropriate reserving for expense on litigated claims.”

Knak & Company is fully bonded to handle public funds and is open to either use the client's choice of financial institution or Knak & Company can offer an alternative institution if requested. A monthly cash log and payment register are issued to the client to document expenditures and justify the need for replenishment funds.

In the event a claim value is in excess of the Knak & Company’s discretionary authority, a written “request for settlement authority” provides a clear and concise analysis of the liability, damages and anticipated expense issues.

Appropriate releases are utilized with each and every settlement.

Clients receive written notice when a file is closed, outlining expenditures made toward the file, along with administrator comments.

If requested, Mr. Knak is always available to attend JPA board meetings. In addition to answering any questions set forth by the participants, he typically prepares and submits a “large loss” report in both written and verbal form to illustrate the status of higher profile claims, as well as a historical spreadsheet analysis.

In addition to “large loss” reports, members are apprised of all statutory or regulatory changes that might affect client operations.

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Legal Counsel Liaison Services

Knak & Company monitors all files assigned to legal counsel as a means of implementing an appropriate defense strategy, reviews the discovery process, addresses the need to change strategy if warranted, and audits billings to ensure that the amount billed is justified by the related work product.

Mr. Knak is typically present at all settlement conferences and mediations, remaining completely involved throughout the negotiation process. He usually maintains control of settlement authority rather than giving complete power to defense counsel.

Legal expense is a major factor toward the success or failure of a client. With this in mind, Knak & Company oversees the litigation aspect of our administration with a focused determination to achieve maximum results from the financial resources allocated by the reserve process.

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Risk Management Training Services

Mr. Knak, who obtained his Associate in Risk Management designation in 1993, is keenly aware that loss prevention and loss reduction techniques are a crucial element in the administration equation.

Over the years, he has met with clients to review operating procedures, searching to identify exposures to mitigate potential claim activity.

Relevant materials are distributed to support the claims administrator’s position and offer clear guidelines to remedy the adverse situation. Mr. Knak then diaries his calendar ahead to review progress toward removing the adverse exposure.

Mr. Knak actively participates in training seminars and / or workshops when requested by his clients.

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Management Reporting Services

The claims administrator enters data onto several screens, incorporating comprehensive criteria such as loss date, loss type, loss location, liability position, reserves, payments, recoveries, claimant background, claim status, etc...

This relevant information is then formatted into monthly and semi-annually paper reports based upon the needs and desires of the client.

The monthly open claim and payment reconciliation reports are mailed to the client by the fifth day of the following month.

The large open / closed reports, generally run semi-annually, are prepared and mailed within 14 days from the end of the period.

Customized reports are available at no additional charge. For example, liability losses can be broken down into percentages for frequency and severity to identify problem areas such as injury location and/or employment practice exposures involving discrimination or sexual harassment.

Yearly actuarial audits have validated Mr. Knak’s unwavering goal for 100% accuracy at all times.

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Personnel Resources

Knak & Company, located in Rancho Mirage, California, utilizes Mr. Knak as the sole claims administrator, as well as a clerical assistant to expedite miscellaneous tasks.

The company is committed to a lean organizational structure due to both superior claims experience and a strong work ethic, resulting in competitive pricing for a client without sacrificing quality.

In fact, current clientele have peace of mind knowing that their claims are not randomly assigned to several employees within the firm who may work a file one day and be gone the next, never knowing the idiosyncrasies or needs of a particular client.

If a problem arises, a client will contact Mr. Knak. If he is out of the office, a message is immediately conveyed to Mr. Knak via his cellular telephone.

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Audit Services

The complete execution of the elements contained within the context of the Client’s “scope of the audit” will be the basis to evaluate the claims management work product and allow Knak & Company to package useful information as to identified problems, suggested methods for possible implementation to address the problems, and monitoring of future work product to analyze if negative handling trends are either corrected over time or continue to exist.

A computer spreadsheet will be utilized during the audit wherein each selected claim will be identified on the spreadsheet with vertical columns encompassing “Claim Number”, “Loss Date”, “Report Date”, “Open Date”, “Reserves”, “Investigation”, “Documentation”, “Diary / Mail”, “Payments”, “Legal”, and “Subrogation”. Comments below will include “File Summary”, “Positives” and “Negatives”.

In addition, interviews with claims personnel will be expedited to determine an overall perspective as to which organizational resources are assigned to the account and whether the aforementioned resources are adequate to both effectively service the Client’s program.

The audit findings will be compared with industry standards and placed into a comprehensive written format, with the aforementioned computer spreadsheets attached in the appendices.

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