Brent Swanson
Tulare County Schools Self-Insurance Authority
Area V.P., Buckman-Mitchell
(559) 635-3513

Steven L. Williams, CIC, CRM
Northern California Schools Insurance Group
V.P., InterWest Insurance Services, Inc.
310 Hemsted Drive, Suite 200
Redding, CA 96002
(530) 222-1737

"Judging by the quality of the claims handling of the files, our impression is that Mr. Knak is well qualified to handle the liability and property claims for OSS."

Deborah J. Helling, CPCU
Helling & Associates

"The NCSIG Self - Insured Casualty / Property Claim Administation Program meets and in some areas exceeds claim industry standards. CAJPA Claim Management Criteria for Accreditation are being met as well."

Nicholas L. Cali
Claim Consultant / Auditor

"The liability claims, auto, property & general liability are well managed. The claims administrator, Mr. Knak, demonstrated good knowledge, experience and skill in the management of claims."

Mel Griffin
Mel Griffin & Associates

"The files reflect that aggressive negotiation practices exist in the claim stage, where liability has been determined. The claims manager avoids unnecessary litigation expenses by obtaining extensions to answer while negotiating. The claims manager is also aggressive on all subrogation efforts."

Ken Maiolini
Risk Management Services
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