Knak & Company
Erik J. Knak, ARM, MBA
P.O. Box 895
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270
(530) 247-1049
CA Adj. Lic. 2739703

 is a fully licensed, bonded and insured public entity third-party claims administrator, currently contracting with approximately 250 school districts and county offices of education in 21 California counties.

Knak & Company specializes in liability and property claims administration services for public education entities, incorporating both accurate and timely handling procedures to address the day-to-day activities demanded by both insureds and claimants alike.

Erik J. Knak, ARM, MBA is the owner and sole claims professional working with seven joint powers authorities and two stand-alone school districts. He is an active member of
the California Association of Joint Powers Authorities (CAJPA).

Our overall company philosophy is incredibly simple ... provide superior value to the client via an exemplary work product at a highly competitive cost. A lean organizational structure without unnecessary staffing and miscellaneous overhead issues allow Knak & Company to consistently exceed client expectations. As a result, company growth has occurred thanks to "word of mouth" referrals from satisfied clients.

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